Custom made Plugs and Ring for your reborn kits.

We have just launched our range of 3D printed Plugs and Rings for your doll kit.
Reborn doll rings are used to enable the head and limbs to rotate more easily on the cloth body, allowing for better posing of your dolls. It also enables you to tightly secure the head and limbs with cable ties making it less likely for them to fall off. All rings are flesh coloured to look more natural and be invisible behind the body.
The SMN custom made reborn doll plugs are used to cap the head and limbs of a filled / weighted reborn doll. They keep your soft stuffing securely in place and makes the vinyl firmer so you can tighten your cable tie more than you can without the plugs.

SMN Rings & Plugs are available to suit ALL doll sizes from Preemie Babies to Child Size reborn dolls.

SMN Reborn Rings:

Small Reborn Doll Rings
Small 18mm – 40mm
small reborn doll rings
Medium 41 – 60mm 
Reborn Doll Rings medium size
 Large 61 – 80mm
large reborn doll rings
X-Large 81 – 90mm

Reborn Doll Torso Ring


Custom Reborn Doll Plugs:

Mini Plugs
Mini 8mm – 20mm
Plugs small size
Small 21 – 30mm
small plugs
Medium 31 – 40mm
large reborn plugs
Large 41 – 50mm 
Extra Large reborn doll plugs
Extra Large 51 – 65mm
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WIP Biracial toddler girl with blue eyes

So…..I was searching the interent for an example of a biracial children with different eye colours and came across alot of interesting pictures, so I decided to do a Biracial toddler with blue eyes as I liked that the most.
Here she or he is so far 🙂
What do you think…do you like the eye and skin colour?
Ill be doing tight curls on her or him and I cant wait to see him/her finished.

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Reborn Babies for sale – August 2018

I have lots of babies and toddlers looking for loving homes.
There are also a few Cuddle babies for those wanting a more snuggly baby to hold or if your wanting one for a younger person.
View all available dolls here –

reborn toddler girl ellie arianna   reborn baby boy Noah painted hair   reborn cuddle baby Hannah Pixie Bonnie Brown   Reborn cuddle baby William pixie bonnie brown

reborn girl Ping asian chinese baby   reborn baby boy sam sleeping   reborn cuddle baby girl Ebony down syndrome sleeping   cuddle baby girl Katie mini micro

reborn baby girl Kaylee sleeping blonde hair   reborn toddler girl Aubrey adrie stoete

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Felting tool needle cover

Tim designed and 3D printed me a felting tool needle cover and I want to show you all how clever he is 
Is this something you would want for your rooting tool?

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The SMN Reborn Doll Companion (RDC) NOW AVAILABLE!!

We have just released our new SMN Reborn Doll Companion (RDC), We are so proud to finally launch and would love to hear your feedback.
Many months have been spent refining the mounts to be able to suit many aspects of reborning from hair to painting and more.
I really hope you all find it as useful and a must have tool like I do.

To purchase your very own RDC please visit the product page below:

RDC attachmentsRDC clampRDC tripod

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