Massive Reborn Baby Sale ON NOW!!!

There has never been a more perfect time, to bring a new reborn doll into your family, with huge savings on all of Nikki’s Custom Reborn Dolls.
We have also applied huge discounts on many of our best selling Reborn Doll products.

Massive Reborn Baby Sale ON NOW!!!

Custom order reborn sale
Create and Design your dream baby with a Custom MadeReborn Doll
designed to your exact specifications.
Cuddle reborn babies sale 
A cuddle baby is a less expensive reborn doll, that has a soft cloth body with no vinyl arms or legs. They are perfect for cuddling in close..
Remake reborn doll sale
Some of Nikki Holland most popular reborn dolls are available for re-ordering.
Reborn beating heart sale sale

20% OFF Beating Heart Chest Plate.

Breathing reborn mechanism sale
Bring your reborn dolls to life, with your very own breathing mechanism for your reborn dolls.

Reborn doll companion sale
The Ultimate Reborning Tool to use when creating your Reborn babies, toddlers and even your larger child size reborn dolls.

Ergonomic and in a wide range of colours.
Baby sounds boxes sale
Play baby sounds, songs and more from your baby sounds box.
ring and plugs special
Give your Reborn or Silicone dolls the professional finish.

You can customize a reborn doll of your very own and to your exact specifications using our custom ordering forms.

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NEW – USB rechargeable battery packs for Breathing mechanisms and Sound boxes.

We are very excited to launch all our new breathing mechanism and sound box range with custom designed rechargeable battery packs.
This means no more replacing batteries, saving you time and $$$.
These battery packs have been specially designed, so they sit comfortably inside your babies nappy.

They are available in 3 sizes depending on your situation…eg: going to a doll show and need your baby running for longer….try one of our larger battery packs. (Sold individually)

Already have a breathing mechanism PLEASE NOTE: All of the breathing mechanism that have a red button to operate the breather, can be be upgraded with an adapter cable (sold separately). So you to can also enjoy the convenience of having a rechargeable USB battery pack without having to purchase a new breather.

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New Reborn Breathing Mechanism – NEWBORN!!!

We have just launched our latest version of the Breathing Mechanism range called our Newborn Breather.
This breathing mechanism was designed to be in between the size of our Mini and Baby and is suited for 19″ – 20″ reborn dolls, teddies and more.

Mini, Newborn, Baby and Toddler Breathing Mechanisms.

Our breathing mechanisms simulate a real baby breathing and can be easily seen and felt when your hand is gently resting on the chest. 

All our Breathing Mechanism’s now come with a USB Rechargeable Battery Pack which is specially designed to sit inside your baby’s nappy.

Get your very own Breathing Mechanism for your reborn baby here:

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NEW Purple Hair rooting tools and Holders

Purple is my all time favorite colour and it was my late mum’s to, so we wanted to create a Purple version of the Hair rooting tools and Holders.
I just LOVE the colour 🙂
I hope everyone one is enjoys them and find they help when doing hours of hair rooting.
Get your Purple, Pink, Black or Cream combinations below….what will yours be?

hair rooting tool purple
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Eyelashes on strips now available

New eyelashes on strip 20cm long….only $2.60 each4 colours available.

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