Reborn Prototype Pippin by Bonnie Brown finished – The SMN Show #278

Introducing reborn baby girl Alison.

She is the prototype doll kit by Bonnie Brown, she is 22" long and weights 8lb.

Alison is now on Ebay … so for your chance to bring Alison into your arms, start your bids :o)



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7 Responses to Reborn Prototype Pippin by Bonnie Brown finished – The SMN Show #278

  1. Crei says:

    Hi Good day, would like to ask how much is Baby Pippin,also the package cost to ship her here in Philippines. Thank you.

  2. Crei says:

    I didn’t notice that the auction was ended already …… but we might going to Australia this January. If we visit your store in Lilydale – Melbourne, Australia 3140, do we able to see more of your dolls. I would like to know your exact address, thank you.

  3. Still Moments Nursery is an Online Website Business ONLY – Local pick up is not available.

  4. hope says:

    hi nikkii want a reborn boy called london with boys clothes. i want no eyes

  5. nikki says:

    My name is Nikki and want to know how low you can go a your reborn baby boy the does everything please Nikki Holland send me a email back my funds is not that good because I am disabled I live in a low income place

  6. Gustavo says:

    Oh, when I was a child paper dolls were my favourite thing to play with, and as I got a llttie older I would make my own with all my design attempts. These ones are lovely, I can appreciate the desire to have the clothes come to reality!

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