Giveaway – How many *Candy Canes* in the bucket…? – The SMN Show #289

How to enter:

1) You have to be a SUBSCRIBER to the stillmomentsnursery youtube channel.
2) You have to LIKE / THUMB up the video on youtube.
3) Guess the correct number of parts in the bucket.
4) You only get ONE guess. your first number will be the one counted.

You can now guess the exact same number as anybody else.

Everybody who guesses the correct number will have their name placed into the fish bowl. 

If there is only 1 correct guess, then they are the instant winner.

Entries for the competition close 24 December 2011

Winner will be announced on before the new year 2011

Winner must PM me their address for delivery of their prize.

Happy guessing.

Nikki Holland

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Thanks for watching


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14 Responses to Giveaway – How many *Candy Canes* in the bucket…? – The SMN Show #289

  1. Crystal says:


  2. shaniya says:

    Im 12 and I would really like a free reborn I have never had one before!!!

  3. shaniya says:

    were going thru hard times right now and my mom cant afford one

  4. shaniya says:

    im 12 and I would really like one I have never had one before

  5. shaniya says:


  6. Janazhia Beverly says:

    I say 90

  7. Janazhia says:


  8. ann says:

    When will are votes be corrected

  9. This video was Posted on December 5, 2011 and the competition has finished sorry.

  10. chantelle hughes says:

    i have really loved reborns and i am 11 i would really like a rebor and i have never had a reborn befor so could i have the free reborn if i do i will save up my pocket money and buy a reborn off you nikki holland and also i am a great fan of u nikki holland if i win i will be honnord and so will my mum and dad so yeah xxxx

  11. zabiya says:

    Do you have another giveaways
    To day.

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