WINNER of the Free doll / Candy Cane Giveaway – The SMN Show #294

The winner of this giveaway has been announced.
I would like to congratulate the winner.

Thank you to all who enter.
Congratulations to the winner.


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Thanks for watching

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12 Responses to WINNER of the Free doll / Candy Cane Giveaway – The SMN Show #294

  1. lilia says:

    congratulation .sorry but i want to ask question to nikki i want to buy one of your doll but i lives at Paris and also they too expensive and cuite

  2. michael says:

    Hi still moment nursery was wondering if you have any reborn twin giveaways and if you do please contact me because i want to get my daughter some twins thank you and my daughter loves all your babys
    p.s michael

  3. Kelly Latham says:

    I want know Reborns baby dolls still giveaway It’ free????? I’m look for african-ameircan girl

  4. mistey says:

    hello I love reborn dolls please enter me in next contest to win a reborn doll or ooak baby doll ty so much.

  5. brittany wagers says:

    I think 20 or 30 candy canes is in the bucket

  6. brittany wagers says:

    on I think 30 or 50

  7. brittany wagers says:

    I have to say 76 in total for sure this time

  8. brittany wagers says:

    please enter me in the next contest to win a reborn doll

  9. Cecilia says:

    Can you please enter me I have been wanting one ever sense they told me and I search them up and because they are pretty and adorable con you please enter please

  10. Sarabeth Burkhalter says:

    I always liked reborn dolls.
    I have a doll who i treat like a daughter.

  11. I rellay want a newborn doll.
    pls.. if some giveaway doll a cute girl
    give me and that i wish in my birthday

  12. Leah muthard says:

    Hi my name is Leah and I am a 15 year old girl but my mom just recently had given birth to twins who had died in the process of labor if you could could you please do a twin a and b give away both boys I’ll do anything

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