Box Packing 6″ Reborn Teddie – The SMN Show #295

Little Teddie is the 6" reborn baby doll that was won by jojo88121.
He is going home with his puppy outfit, blanket, certificate and care instructions in a little box that fits him perfectly.


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2 Responses to Box Packing 6″ Reborn Teddie – The SMN Show #295

  1. danielle says:

    i love your dolls but i cant afford them. im canadian so its alot of money for me. i love your mason doll and your child dolls. so reply me an email. bye.

  2. lilia says:

    please answer to my question that i wroted the other day to congrate the winer please……i want one of your dolls i always see hem in youtube their packages i want to have one but i did not have enough to buy one with package hhmmmmm…… please answer to my question i will be so glad thank and excuse me……………………..

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