Reborn baby boy Ayden has his box packing – The SMN Show #344

Tis cute little boy is going home to a very excited mummy.
He was custom order doll made specially for her and she just loves him bald.
His doll kit is the Barry by Adrie Stoete

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11 Responses to Reborn baby boy Ayden has his box packing – The SMN Show #344

  1. fae says:

    aww he is so cute you did a great job nikki well done

    from:fae xxx 🙂

  2. hannah says:

    I have always wanted one but unfortunately I don’t have enough money:[

  3. fae says:

    your so pretty nikki your amazing i love you to bits

    from fae xxx 😀

  4. fae says:

    I wish i could be freinds with you and i wish i could meet you but i live in the uk 🙁

    from fae xxx 😀

  5. eva says:

    Your doll is so cute! I am saving up for one. Im quite little (ten years old, just) but understand that these dolls must be looked after with care like a real baby. I might have enough money by christmas but I dont have much money now cos my brothers birthday was yesterday and I got him something big.
    When I was little I loved playing with dollys. I think you would be a great artist, by the way.

  6. eva says:

    Also, do you have a shop in Melbourn cos I am going there for the weekend. if yes, where is it?

  7. mbzozo says:

    can you please make more babies because i want to buy someone but youve got just 3 babies can you please make more babies and send me a email thanks ! ( sorry for my vocabulary but i am french )

  8. leah says:

    can we call u

  9. fae says:

    Hi Nikki i haven’t sent you a message in ages i hope your OK and when are you going to do a norther video on a box opening.on you tube i love seeing your baby grow up she is so cute.and buy the way im not being nice to you so i can get a free doll because people have been saying that but its not true OK i just want to be friends with you if that’s OK please comment back ill feel so much better thank you very much.

    fae : 😀 XX

  10. fatin says:

    hi!! I’m fatin
    I dream a baby reborn
    all right your set me free baby reborn
    your are very cute XD

  11. gemma says:

    can i have soife

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