Reborn Sienna by Denise Pratt…WIP

This is just one of the babies I’m working on….she is the Sienna by Denise Pratt doll kit.
She will be available once she has her hair done or she can be left bald.
What do you think her name should be..?


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2 Responses to Reborn Sienna by Denise Pratt…WIP

  1. Ellysyn2002 says:

    She’s turning out beautifully! Can’t wait for her to be done 🙂 I think MacKenna or Brynn would suit her very nicely 🙂 You did an amazing job again Nikki!

  2. Annalee May says:

    I would like to try a bald baby but even real babies that look bald have some very fine baby fuzz. So how do you make a bald doll’s head look real?

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