Reborn baby boy Alex by Nikki Holland- The SMN Show #385

On this episode of The SMN Show we feature a presentation of a Completed Reborn Baby boy called Alex. You can see more about Alex on his listing.

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9 Responses to Reborn baby boy Alex by Nikki Holland- The SMN Show #385

  1. Kasia says:

    Hes very cute ♡

  2. Lisa says:

    Dolls are a little expensive but are gorges well done on the make of the dolls xxxxxx

  3. maymay says:

    I have never got areborn in my life and I want one but Ihave no money for any toys all i have is school and family and food well all of the things ijust said i barely have just wanted to comment

  4. Jalyssa says:

    Hey my name is Jalyssa and I really want a silicone doll for my birthday and I want one of yours for 100-200 dollars and extra clothes iif you can please reply

  5. theresa dailey says:

    This is. Patty. Dershem. Patty wants you. To. Send pictures of. Your. Dolls

  6. theresa dailey says:

    I. Would. Like. Get. My. Grand. Daughter. Doll. For. Her. Christmas. Or. Birthday

  7. asmith says:

    he is so cute

  8. Salama says:


  9. April says:

    I want a baby please if it’s for sell if u r sill selling them I
    Saw it on YouTube

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