Reborn Baby Boy Micheal BOX PACKING – The SMN Show #395

Micheal is a Custom Order Baby design using our Custom Order forms on our website.
He is the Byron by Denise Pratt doll kit and is only 10" long.


You can see Micheal's photo shoot in The SMN Gallery.

You can customize a reborn doll to your exact specifications using our custom ordering forms.

Music for the The SMN Show provided by –

You can now purchase the music featured throughout "The SMN Show" on CD through Still Moments Nursery.

We are also very proud to offer the first special edition range of collectible's for "The SMN Show" Merchandise.

Thanks for watching,
Nikki Holland

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3 Responses to Reborn Baby Boy Micheal BOX PACKING – The SMN Show #395

  1. Shearla Brown says:

    Do you have any 30″medium tone toddler size reborn rooted black hair boy dolls if so how much

  2. Fatoumata says:

    Hi my name is fatoumata I love watching your video’s me and my cousin is planing to get a reborn because we want one so bad hope you have fun packing reborns and sending home even tho your’ll miss them.

  3. Hi Shearla,
    You can create a reborn doll to your exact specifications by using the custom ordering form.

    Hope this helps,

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