BOX PACKING! Reborn Baby Doll “Scarlett Rose” – The SMN Show #420

Scarlett Rose is a Custom Reborn Order baby girl. She was made using the Aubrey by Deniss Pratt doll kit and she is about 20" long, she has light brown mohair and baby blue eyes.

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You can see more of Scarlett Rose in The SMN Gallery.

Scarlett' details:

  • Reborn Birth Date: June 2017
  • Gender of Doll: Female
  • Doll Sculpt / Kit: – Aubrey by Dennise Pratt
  • Limb Length: 3/4 arms / 3/4 legs
  • Doll Length:   20"
  • Body Type: Cloth jointed 
  • Paint used: Real Effects Air Dry Paints
  • Skin Colour: Caucasian
  • Painting Skin Effects: Peach and Cream
  • Veining effects: No Veining 
  • Painting Special Effects: No
  • Hair Type:  Hand rooted
  • Hair Look: Straight
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Colour: Light Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Eye Lashes: No
  • Doll Weight:  7lb 
  • Realistic Beating Heart: No
  • Belly Plates: No
  • Back Plate: No
  • Magnetic Pacifier / Dummy:  Yes
  • Magnetic  Hair Bows / Ribbons: No
  • Display Pacifier / Dummy: No 
  • Care Instructions
  • Reborn Birth Certificate
  • Nappies
  • Receiving Blanket

You can customize a reborn doll of your very own and to your exact specifications using our custom ordering forms.

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