The Reborn Doll Companion ( RDC ) – The SMN Show #448

RDC – The ultimate reborning tool…

The Reborn Doll Companion (RDC) is the ultimate tool to use when creating your Reborn babies, toddlers and even your larger child size reborn dolls.
The RDC has 4 different sized attachments available to suit all doll head and limb sizes, and is perfect for those who find holding the head or limbs difficult while painting, hair rooting, or styling of your Reborns hair.

Order your own RDC system.

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5 Responses to The Reborn Doll Companion ( RDC ) – The SMN Show #448

  1. Carol Rudnicki says:

    I am very interested in purchasing asian reborn # 379. (Female)
    I have several reborns and would like to have an asian baby, as my daughter is from Seoul South
    Korea. Thank you. Carol

  2. Hi, Yes I can make you your very own reborn baby similar to one I have made previously.
    Just contact me here and we can arrange the details –

  3. Habibah sayed says:

    i loves your reborns

  4. Kristian Donaldson says:

    Hey I was wondering if you have any reborns that have a full body gender and eyes open that lokks really real like a real baby and you can give them a bath for cheap

  5. Tyranny says:

    Thank you for my reborn toddler

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