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Detailed Shopping Cart Instructions for New Customers

Welcome to our on-line store! Our shopping cart ordering system is designed to be extremely easy to use, but if you have never used a shopping cart before then you might like to read the following detailed instructions and tips. These instructions do not cover every possible scenario, but should be a useful reference for most situations.

If you want you can print this page so that you can refer to it as you are buying. Please be aware that our software is continually being improved, so some of the images on this page may be a little different to what you see when you place your order.

Good luck, and please feel welcome to ask us if you are not sure about something.

1. Find the product, and add it to your 'Cart'

To buy a product, you first need to find it in our catalogue, and add it to your "shopping cart". You can find our products by clicking on the appropriate product categories menu on the left hand side of the page, or by searching.

Image - finding products

When you have found the product you are looking for, you can "Add to Cart" to buy it straight away, or click on it's name to see more detailed information, including images and data sheets.

Image - product listings in a category

If you need more than one, you can change the quantity here or at the next screen - after you have clicked the "Add to Cart" button ...

Image - the contents of your cart

If you "Continue Shopping" your browser will return to the page you were at before. You can then browse for more products, or read other pages on this website - the contents of your cart will be 'remembered' until you close the browser. (If you have "created an account", and are logged in, the contents of your cart will be remembered even after you have closed the browser window.)

If you are ready to make your purchase click the "Checkout" button.


2. The "Checkout" process - addresses, accounts and payment methods.

When you click the "Checkout" button you are presented with three options:

  1. Create an account
    This is the recommended option. If you create an account then the next time you order from us your shipping information will be 'remembered' so you won't have to type it in a second time. You also have receive reward points on purchases, access your order history and choose to be notified about any important information relating to your product, if any arises.
  2. Sign in to your account
    This option is for people who have already created an account. If you have already created an account, then simply log-in and proceed with the checkout process. Note that most of the fields will now be filled out - based on your previously entered data - so you will be able to proceed through the ckeckout process quite quickly.
  3. Express Checkout with PayPal - Checkout quickly and easily with PayPal express checkout, an SMN account will be created automatically and a password will be sent to your email address.

checkout options

1. Create an account

This is the recommended option for most people. Enter your details into the form provided. This information is 'remembered' by the website, allowing you to quickly complete many tasks on the site in the future.

Create Account - recommended

After completing this form you will see a notification screen welcoming you as a new registered user. Your registration is complete and you are 'logged in'. A welcome email is sent to the email address that you provided. Just click the "Continue" button to proceed with the checkout process - see Shipping Information below.

3. Shipping Information

Shipping information page

You will notice that your Billing Address that you just entered now automatically appears as the Shipping Address. Usually this is quite handy, but if you need your products delivered to a different address, then click the "Change Address" button and enter the new address.

The Shipping Method automatically shows how much it will cost to get delivered to your address using various methods of shipping.  Please select how you would like to have your order posted
Find out more on shipping & handling here.

You can add comments or any notes that you want us to read.

Near the top of the page is a handy graphical progress indicator - this is to help orient you as you move through the checkout process. If you have good eyes, you can see the that next part of the process is to decide on Payment Method.

4. Payment Methods

After you have proceeded past Shipping Information in the checkout process, you will now need to select your method of payment.

  1. PayPal - To pay for your goods straight away with your credit card, click the PayPal option. See 4.1 below.
  2. Check/Money Order- To pay for your order by Cheque or money order, click this option. 
  3. Direct Deposit - Use this option to use a wire transfer.
  4. Layaway - Use this option to pay your order off over a 3 month period. Enter your preferred method of payment in the box provided.
  5. Cash on Pickup - Cash on pick is currently not available.

For more information on payment methods, please see our instructions on the "Payment Methods" page.

Payment Methods

After you select your desired option, click "Continue".

If you selected the Check/Money Order/Direct Deposit option you will be presented with a page where you can view all your supplied information thus far, and make any further changes if needed. This is the "Order Confirmation" page. Just check that all the details are correct, then click the "Submit Order" button to complete your purchase. A summary of your order will be emailed to you and you can expect your order to be delivered within a few days! (after payment has been received).

You will know when your order has been successfully completed, when you receive a large green tick on the final checkout page after clicking "Submit Order".

If you have any further questions about the payment process, please contact us. Our friendly staff will be quite happy to provide assistance.

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