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Breathing Mechanism

Have you ever wanted your reborn doll, fantasy doll or even your favourite teddy bear to breath...?    Well now you can.
With our breathing mechanism you can now make your baby breath realistically. The breather resembles a baby breathing at around 25-30 bpm.
All breathers NOW include a USB Rechargeable Battery Pack, that is molded to perfectly fit into the dolls nappy/diaper, without being felt.
All sizes together Breathing mechanismOur Breather can be used in not only reborn dolls but teddy bears, fantasy dolls, fairies, Unicorn and anything you want to bring to life.

The Breather is easy to install & operate and is available in 4 different size's: 
Mini Breather will suit dolls size: 16" - 18" for smaller sized dolls.
Newborn Breather will suit dolls size: 19" - 20" for smaller sized dolls.
Baby Breather will suit dolls size:  21" - 23"  for larger sized dolls.
Toddler Breather will suit dolls size:  22"+  for larger sized dolls.

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