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Paints & Thinners

Air Dry "Real Effect" paint:  Water based and water thinnable, Tremendous elasticity and scratchproof strength, Quick drying ( depending on he thickness of the coats), approx 72hrs for complete dryness, No oven baking required.

Authentic Reborn™ Heat-Set paints were designed especially for the reborn artist. Many have asked themselves “how much thinner do I need to add to Genesis paints to make them work?” Authentic Reborn™ paints don’t require or use any thinner at all!

With Genesis Heat Set Paints, there's no set up time-- paint on the palette and mixing tray will never dry. So, there's no rush, because the paint stays wet and workable for as long as you want! And, there's no waiting; Genesis® will dry in minutes, but only when you are ready!

Pre-Mixed Genesis Heat Set Paints are the same as the Genesis Heat Set only Pre-Mixed to the perfect colours needed to create a healthy looking skin on your reborn doll with out the mixing.

Odourless Solvent / Thinners is required when painting with Genesis Heat Set Paints, and AR - Authentic Reborn Paints.

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