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AR - Authentic Reborn Paints

Authentic Reborn™ Heat-Set paints were designed especially for the reborn artist. Many have asked themselves “how much thinner do I need to add to Genesis paints to make them work?” Authentic Reborn™ paints don’t require or use any thinner at all! As a reborn artist you need paint that is highly transparent so that you can imitate the delicate nuances of real baby colors. Authentic Reborn™ Heat-Set paints are more transparent than any other reborn paint in the reborn world today.

Easy-Mix Your Own Colors. No Thinner Needed. Do you like to mix your own paint colors? Do you wonder sometimes how much thinner to add? Use Authentic Reborn™ Heat-Set paints and you won’t have to add any thinner. Authentic Reborn™ offers all of the primary reborn paint colors. These primary reborning colors are identical to Genesis paint colors; however, Authentic Reborn paints take reborning a step further by offering all of these colors with 50% more transparency. This takes some of the guess work out of mixing your paints making it easier for you to get the right color. 

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