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Starter Reborning Kits

Our selection of starter reborning kits contain the essential materials you will need to make your very own reborn baby doll.

Starter kits are the best place to begin your reborning experience. Decide how much of that experience you want to start with by purchasing any of these starter kits. All courses are set up by depth of experience and not by skill level. That means as a beginner you can choose to start with any one of the starter kits that you wish since they are all designed for the first time reborner. So the question is, how much fun do you want to have?

Have you seen those incredible photos of reborn babies with hair so real that it looked like the baby grew it? How did they do that! Well, having the right tools and supplies and knowing how to use them makes all the difference. Here you will find everything you need to make your reborn baby grow hair through the art of rooting. If you’ve haven’t seen it done before then let us show you. Just watch our Rooting DVD and learn from the best.

Reborn Book & DVD Tutorials and FREE reborn tutorials are also available and highly recommended for new Artist's.

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