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Green Wash

Neutralizing green wash using Real Effects air dry paints

Do you need to neutralize a pink vinyl doll kit?
I'll show you how I do it using the Real Effects air dry paints on a Tayla by Denise Pratt doll kit.
Hope you find it helpful :o)

Neutralizing green wash using Genesis Heat set paints

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In the video below Nikki Holland shows you how to apply a Green wash to a doll kit that has a slight pink tone to the vinyl, using Genesis Heat Set Paints.

 Please use this as a guide before you begin your Flesh Coats.

Mint Green Wash By Nikki Holland

This is the technique I use when applying my washes and as every artist is different they each have their own special way of doing the wash.

I find some vinyl more pink than others and as I personally like to start with a nice pale colour undertone, I found by applying a green/mint wash as your first coat helps to dull down the pink in the vinyl.

Please use this as a guide to help you with your washes.

~ Mix a small amount of Phthalo Green 05 or a similar green with a generous amount of odourless thinners until you get a very watery mix.

~ Using your 1/2 Maxine Mop Brush apply your wash generously coving the whole surface.

~ Using a clean makeup sponge, pounce your wash to give you a nice even coat. You don't want big spots of green, so the more you pounce the smoother the paint will look. Brush out any creases that have a build up of paint. Here is the difference in colour after the green / mint wash was applied. Now you are ready for your flesh coats.

Happy Reborning  :)

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