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Doll Project 001 - Kherington

Reborn Baby Project - 001

Baby Girl Kherington

I will be adding to this Tutorial during the reborning process, so follow along at your own speed.

"edited 28 Sept 2008"


Materials :

Doll Kit - Hannah by Anneke Doeven

Paint mixing tray
Odorless Thinners
Gloss varnish
Paper towels
Foam Pads / Makeup Wedges
Doe Sued Cloth Body
Felting Needles 42g
Soft Kid Mohair
Oven Thermometer
Digital timer
Soft filling / Stuffing
Poly pellets
Small Glass beads
Large Glass beads
Clothing size

Genesis Paints Used :

Flesh 08
Ultramarine Blue
Genesis Red

Brushes Used :

Maxine Mop Brush ½
Maxine Mop Brush ¾
Fan Brush
Fine liner Brush (Veining)
Filbert Brush size 2 (Lips and nails)

Preparation :

Wash all of your doll parts in warm soapy water and let dry completely.
I always wipe over my parts with thinners to remove any further marks.

Before you start any baby you need a work space setup, make sure you have a clean flat surface to work on.
I put down a layer of paper towel to catch any drips and spills.

Setting the Paint : Genesis paints have to be heat set to be permanent.

You will need a flat cookie tray and a nice thick white/cream hand towel.
Baking requires a conventional home oven (not a bench top ovens) as these melt the vinyl.

A temperature of about 130 degrees Celsius is needed to set each layer of the paint.

A good oven thermometer and digital time is highly recommended.

Internal / Purple wash : This is done to give the blue undertones in the skin.

In one of your paint tray wells, mix a moderate amount of Ultramarine Blue, a touch of Dioxazine Purple 04 and the slightest touch of Genesis Red together to give you a nice deep blue/purple colour.

Using your fan brush, soak the dry brush in some thinners and then dip it into the blue/purple colour and paint inside each limb.

Place each limb upside down to drain the excess paint from the fingers and toes.
Let them paint dry completely before baking.

Once dry you can either bake that coat or do an outside layer of flesh 08 and then bake them.

Either way bake at 130 degrees Celsius for 9 minutes and let cool completely before starting the next layer. (putting them in the freezer helps, but make sure they are on a towel to prevent an marks on the vinyl)


 Veining : Not all reborn artists add veining to their babies but it adds to their realism if you get it right.

Using the same internal wash blue/purple colour mix and a fine liner brush, paint on some thin vein lines where you would naturally see veining on a real baby. (temples, wrists , tops of hands, ankles etc)

Lightly dab off the excess paint with a makeup sponge to give you a faint under the skin look.

Bake for 9 Minutes at 130 degrees Celsius

First Coat :

In a new paint well and using your Maxine Mop ½ brush, take a moderate amount of Flesh 08 and mix with thinners to get a watery milky consistency.

Mixing Thinner Image

Apply the paint directly onto a make up sponge and then pounce the paint onto your limbs and head, make sure your pouncing is even and you cover the entire outer surface.

Once dry you will then be able see if there are any parts of the paint are on to thick or if you have missed any spots.
Using your Maxine mop brush make sure you work the paint into all those tight spots that the sponge doesn't cover like behind the ears, nose and eyes.

Using a fan brush, brush out all the creases to prevent a build up of paint.

Bake for 9 Minutes at 130 degrees Celsius

If you feel your kit needs another coat of flesh, simply repeat the first step.
Applying to many flesh coat might give you a chalky baby so I recommend only 2 or 3 coats.

Second Coat :

In a new well and using a Maxine Mop 1/2 brush, mix a tiny amount of Genesis Red with thinners to the same consistency as the first coat.

Wipe off the excess paint onto some paper towel, you want a fairly dry brush.

Slight dab your dry brush with Genesis red paint on to the limbs and head, you want to roughly cover the vinyl with tiny red spots.
Don't worry to much if you have a big spot, these just add to the realism and will fade once we add more coats.

This is how your first coat should look.

If you want your baby to have more mottling, simply repeat the second coat until you are happy with the skin tone.
(I will be doing another coat.....more pics will be posted for comparison)

You can use many tools to create different mottling effects - Berry Maker Brush, Sea sponge, Make up sponge or your 1/2 Maxine mop brush.


Third Coat :

Add the slightest touch of Ultramarine Blue to the Genesis Red mix to give you an almost deep red blood colour.


Bake for 9 Minutes at 130 degrees Celsius


Fourth Coat :

Using a new make up sponge dab the new colour into the centre of the
sponge only, then dab the sponge onto your doll parts in a more uneven

Try not to go over the same spot twice and not cover the entire surface, you are after a soft blotchy look.

Bake for 9 Minutes at 130 degrees Celsius


Fifth Coat :

...... blush your babies fingers and toes, sole of the feet and palms of the hands.

Blush the nose, cheeks , chin and eye lids until you are happy with the look.


Bake for 9 Minutes at 130 degrees Celsius 


More coming soon.....

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