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Caucasian skin layering

Flesh coat painting tutorial with Real Effect air dry paints

Many have asked me how to paint the flesh coat / layers on their reborn baby dolls using the real effects air dry paints, so I thought I would do a vlog tutorial on how I do my layers.
I hope you find it helpful and don't forget to rate the video :o)

Real Effects Air Dry Paint are used in this tutorial. 
No Baking Required

Flesh coat painting tutorial with Genesis Heat Set  paints

Many have asked about how the flesh coats are applied. Nikki Holland takes you through her steps and techniques to achieve a nice coat on your doll kits without it looking chalky.
You will be able to see how the layers are slowly built up to achieve a desired colour.

Tools Needed:
Odourless Thinners 
Maxine Mop Brush 1/2
Maxine Mop Brush 3/4
Paper Towel
Mixing Tray
Genesis Heat Set Paints:
Flesh 08

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