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Hair Rooting Tutorials

Rooting a reborn doll head time lapse

I wanted to try something a little different, so we did a time lapse video of my rooting a doll head.

It took me just over 2 days to do the head.

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Heated rice socks for reborn doll hair rooting

Want to know how to keep your reborn doll heads warm when your rooting in the hair? Here is how I make my rice socks to keep the vinyl nice and soft. I heat them in the Microwave for 2 minutes and they keep the heat for ages.

Rooting the hair line on your reborn doll

I wanted to show all of those who have asked me how i get the hairline on my reborn dolls, so I thought I would do a quick vlog while I had one on hand. This doll kit is a Sugar by Donna RuBert and is one of my all time favorites.

Trimming my toddler hair

I had a request on how I trim my toddler hair, so I thought I would show you.
Hope it helps.

Hair rooting needles and tool

Thought I would take you through a few of the different gauge felting needles I use to root my doll hair.
I have compared the Ultras and regulars aswell as a forked felting needle.
I have also shown the tool I use.


How I glue my reborn doll hair

Here is a video on how I glue the hair on my reborn baby dolls.

Thanks for all watching.

Mohair for your reborn dolls REVIEW

I thought I would show you the straight mohair I use and sell.
Its a high quality mohair that is dyed and straightened for you, aswell as being silky soft.
Thanks for watching.

Try our quality Mohair.

FELTING NEEDLE are available.

How to style and care for your reborn dolls hair

I got many request to show how I care for and style my dolls hair, so I thought I would show you on Savannah.

I use a this conditioner to keep her hair nice and soft - Mohair Conditioner.

Inserting a felting needle into a mushroom rooting tool

I have had many ask me how to properly insert the felting needles into the Mushroom rooting tools, so I thought I would show you.
I sell these tools on my website if you want to purchase them for yourself. Hair Rooting Tool.

Mushroom rooting tool assembly guide

May 16th, 2010

Recently I was asked how to put together our Mushroom Hair Rooting Tool, so I decided to do a little written / visual description on how the tool works.

How it works:
The Mushroom Hair Rooting Tool has three main parts – The Handle, Collet and Screw on cap.

Step 1:   Screw off the screw on cap.
Step 2:   Take out the collet and insert your Pre-cut felting needle.
Step 3:   Slip the collet and needle back into the tool.
Step 4:   Tighten the screw on cap around the needle fairly tight….if you find your needles arent holding, try inserting the needle until the thicker part of the needle is in the collets four points.

Please Note – Needles are extremely sharp and do have barbs.. take care around young children.

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