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SMN Chest plate body clips and ring

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We have designed a press clip for toddler kits that have the neck / chest plate that needs to be attcheched to the body.
Regular ties or ribbons can rip the body over time and don't really hold the head on securly....this is why we designed the special clips.

How to use the clips:
Using the template provided mark where your going to place the clips.
Cut out the hole keeping in the line, so you get a tight fit.
Insert the front section first making sure the fabric is pushed down over the locking clips and the click on the back plate.
You will need to push them together using the palm of your hand and a solid bench to get it to click securly in place. (A bit of a good nudge helps :)
Then press the stud through the vinyl chest plate and then onto the body clip, if you want to you can add a little glue which helps to secure them.
Then when your toddler is weighted, you attach the back studs first, then add your neck ring to stop the fluffing from riding up and out of the body.
Make sure the pipe goes into the hole and then press in the front studs.
Your Done :)

Whats included:

  • 4 x Body clips (Back and Front)
  • 4 x Studs
  • 1 x Neck ring
  • 1 x Hole guide

chest pate clip SMN

Here are a list of just some of the kits they will work with:
Cammi by Ping Lau
Armani by Olga Tschenskaja
Alessa By Olga Tschenskaja
Julieta by Ping Lau
Elena by Regina Swialkowski
Gabriela by Regina Swialkowski

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