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Real Effect Air Dry - Brown 2 matt 40ml

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Real Effect Color 15
Brown 2 matt


As the first in the Reborn market in Germany, we offer you this special water based soft PVC (Vinyl) paint In contrast to the other paints on the market, this paint has no softener reactant product in it. That means that the softner in the vinyl doesnt get attacked or react with the paint.

The paints have this special characteristic and also have colour pigments in it. This normally increases the cost of the paint enormously.
In order to develop this paint we have worked with many industrial paint producers. The majority of the paints on the market are solvent based, but this was not an option for us as we didnt want to expose our artists to the negative effects of these solvents.
So we decided to go for a water based system.
After our tests we sent the paint to the the labs at the paint producers so that they could tune it up a little! We then got a paint that was non toxic, and they inhanced the matt effect, also we could lengthen the time that you can work on it without it drying. We also consultated with Petra Seiffert and Nicole Middendorf so that we could get specific paint colours for the selection.

Before the IDEX of 2007, we had the formula ready and cold used it in two of the courses that we did at the show, where the participants also used the paints, much to their delight.

After we had finished consulting with the artists to get their input on the product, and after they said they were happy with the final result, we put the paint in into production. We are excited that our paint will be able to increase the long term quality of the babies.

Here are the features of the new "Real Effect" paint:

-Industrial quality for soft PVC (Vinyl)

- Water based and water thinnable

- Tremendous elasticity and scratchproof strength

- Superb adhesion to softened surface due to Acrylic base

- Softener resistant Micro colour pigments

- EU regulation EN 71 part 3 for toys compatability, even after drying!

- Amazing UV light durability, doesnt fade.

- Quick drying ( depending on he thickness of the coats), approx 72hrs for complete dryness

- Specialist "Real Effect" mixed Matt and Gloss tones.

- Dries with a high quality matt effect.

To increase the drying times the paint can with stand 3 hours in a 50 degree celcius oven.


Q: Every producer says that there paint is "The One" and there are already so many in the market, what makes yours so different and better???

A: What is different with this paint is that the producers themselves have given teri seal of approval for it to be used on soft PVC (Vinyl) specifically. This means that the colour pigments as well as colour dispersion is ideally suited for the PVC and doesnt react with the PVC softeners.

Q: Are the other paints on the market not suited for Vinyl too??

A: Unfortunately no. Artistic paints are in the rule not made to withstand the softener products in the PVC, this is because they are often made for canvas and nt PVC. Alot of paints have been recommended by so called "REBORN EXPERTS", but our research with the manufacturers gave us different answers. Most paint producers either gave us no answer to the question of the PVC suitability, or stated that the paint wasnt suitable for PVC.

Q:  Technology is always changing even in the artistic world, for example new vinyl softeners are being added or other things are tried. Can I be sure that I will never have any problems with your product??

A: We honestly have to say no to this, we cannot guarantee that you wont have any problems with any new kind of PVC softener. We can only say that at the time the paint was designed it was compatible with most PVCs. This gives a lot of securtiy even though not a 100% guarantee because new products come out with new softeners that we havent been able to test against our paint.

Q: Why shouldnt I just stay with my old paint then??

A: The fact is that at the moment the paints on offer in the Reborn Market dont offer any protection against the PVC softeners which can decay the paints.The situation is then similar to that of a new car on the market with no brakes. Sooner or later, probably sooner, it is going to have problems.

Q: Can I order just a trial amount to see.

A: Unfortunately not as we dont have the capacity to produce another "trial kit". What some people do is they buy a kit together with a Reborn friend and share the first kit with them until they get convinced and then buy their own

GUIDLINES FOR USE:-     Mix the paint wth water. Apply the paint with either sponges or brushes in the appropriate amount an number of coats. If you have any questions or need help with any techniques then please feel free to contact us.

Note the discounts possible by buying the products as part of a kit ( Brushes and Paints)

Warning: Even though the paint conforms to the EU standards the paint is still not suitable for use by children under 14.

Product advice: The guarantee for resistance against the normal trade PVC softeners is not indefinite as new products enter the market with new softeners and additives. Today there are more than 1000 types of soft PVC mixes.The developers of our paints has given us a written confirmation that the paint is suitable for "the majority" of PVCs. We cannot however possibly test all of the new PVCs so we are therefore not liable for any slight problems due to a different PVC being used.
3 months after testing the paint on a Spanish Berenguer vinyl, we still have seen no deterioration in the quality of the paint, the effect or the vinly itself. 

"Real Effect Color" by Nicky Creation, Germany: A water based specialist paint for soft PVC (PVC-P)

We have researched and developed this paint for over 4 months and have investigated all kinds of colour systems on the market at present. We are very happy with the results of our efforts, as now with the help of the artists who use the paint, we have a product that is specially designed for their use. 
We have also produced as part of the whole, as prt of the kit, our set of brushes and sponges so that the artists can have have a complete system, a high quality basis for them to produce their own top quality results with.

 The paints have the following features:

- Industrial quality specifications for vinyl (soft PVC).
- Water based and water thinnable.
- Superb elasticity and scratchproof finish.
- Softener proof pigments.
- EN71 part 3 standards suitable, even after drying. 
- Amazing UV ray durability doesnt fade.
- Quick drying (Total dryness within 48hrs)
- Extra paint hardening system which increases the durabilty of the paint.
- Specially designed for Real Effect techniques and mxed for Real Effect colour tones.
- Dries with a matt finish.

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