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The RDC slip-on - Mounting Clamp ONLY

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The Reborn Doll Companion clamp is the first step in assembling your companion. The clamp simply attaches to your table or desk. Then all you need is the Modular attachment sets to suit the head or limbs your working on.
They are all light weight and easy to use for people of all ages and abilities.

   Modular attachments to fit all size heads and limbs
   Avoids rubbing off of paint work
   Stops knotting of the hair
   Professional anti-slip clamp with rubber protectors

Some assembly of the clamp is required!

Modular Design:

The mounting clamp fits all sizes of RDC modular attachments.
All modular attachments packs include a straight and an angled version, making it versatile in any situation.

Reborn Doll Companion Modular designs
Modular attachment pieces are sold separately.

The clamp can angle:

Reborn Doll Companion angles

Easily change the angle your working on in seconds. You can push and pull the ball joint shaft to the desired working position.
You can also rotate the doll part 360° aswell, by slightly unscrewing the shaft, turning it slightly and then re-screw back on to the attachment.




Strong Clamping Strength:

Reborn Doll Companion clamp desk


The clamp is strong and sturdy and is made from hardened plastic + stainless steel clamping screw.
It has anti-slip rubber protection pads to protect your work table and to help securely clamp to your table and reduce movement while working.
It simply unscrews and attaches / detaches, so moving and storing is a breeze.



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