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The Reborn Doll Companion (RDC) is the ultimate tool to use when creating your Reborn babies, toddlers and even your larger child size reborn dolls.
The RDC has 4 different sized attachments available to suit all doll head and limb sizes, and is perfect for those who find holding the head or limbs difficult while painting, hair rooting, or styling of your Reborns hair.

   Modular attachment sets are designed to fit all size heads and limbs
   Avoids rubbing off of paint work when rooting hair
   Stops knotting of the hair and makes styling and cutting easier
   They are light weight and easy to use for people of all ages and abilities.

What do I get:
   1 x Extra large straight attachment
   1 x Extra large angled attachment

Reborn Doll Companion internal measurement

What size do I need?
Measure the internal diameter of your reborn doll part.
Extra Large attachments will suit a hole diameter between (51mm - 70mm)

Multiple Mounting Options:

The mounting clamp along with the S,M,L and XL attachment sets are very versatile and can be used for many aspects of the reborning process, from painting, hair rooting and even styling and cutting of the hair.

Clamping Mount:
Very light and easy to use - simply clamp onto any table or desk
Professional anti-slip clamp with rubber protectors.
Adjustable angles allow you to control the head positioning location as you like.

Reborn doll companion vertical extra Large Reborn doll modular mounting straight angled extra large Reborn doll companion 45 degree angled extra large Reborn doll companion 45 degree angled extra large

Tripod Mount:
With the RDC tripod stand you can attach your reborn doll heads and limbs onto the tripod, and work on your dolls anywhere.

Reborn doll companion tripod close up reborn doll companion tripod Reborn Doll reborn doll companion Tripod extended

Mounting Tripod and Clamp are not included with attachments and need to be purchased separately.

Hair Rooting Helper:

The SMN Reborn doll companion hair rooting extra large

Have you ever had paint damage due to using the towel and bowl method when rooting your hair... This can now be completely avoided with the use of the RDC system, it doesn't allow the head to touch another surface which completely avoids damage.

With the use of the Small, Medium, Large or X Large sets, you will be able to comfortably root hair into your baby, toddler or even child size doll.
The specially designed cork screw thread, enables you to tighten the head or limb onto the piece, to make working on your reborn doll a lot less difficult.

You can even leave the head on the mount until your ready to work on the doll again, keeping it safe and protected.

Painting Aid:

By attaching your reborn doll head and limbs onto one of the attachment pieces, you can paint those finer details more easily, with less movment and shaking.
With the RDC tool you can paint those fine eyebrows, veins and nails with ease.

Reborn doll companion painting torso extra large Painting modular reborn doll companion Nikki Holland painting reborn Doll RDC

Hair Styling & Cutting Holder:

Nikki Holland styling a reborns hair with the RDC


The mount and attachments are perfect to use when styling and cutting your reborn baby hair.
It enables you to turn and view the hair as you cut as well as keeping it knot free.




Strong Secure Attachment:

The SMN Reborn Companion cork screw design

All modular attachment parts, grip onto your reborn doll very securely, with the innovative corkscrew design, you can easily attach and remove the doll parts with ease.

With the addition of a neck ring, the grip is even more secure, this removes any chance of your reborn doll parts slipping off while working.



Ergonomic Wrist Rest:

The SMN Reborn Doll Companion Hand rest

A comfortable wrist rest has been added to the angled modular attachment on the Reborn Doll Companion, giving you extra comfort and support for your wrist.
This helps to stop fatigue during those long hours of Reborning.





Health Benefits:

The SMN Reborn Companion rsi health benefitsReborn doll artist are highly susceptible to many health concerns, related to the type of actions we perform repetitively.
The Reborn Doll Companion can greatly help reduce the symptoms of RSI (Repetitive strain injury) and can also be of great help for those with Arthritis.

"A repetitive strain injury (RSI, also known as work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), is an "injury to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression, or sustained or awkward positions" - Wikipedia


Environmentally Friendly:

The SMN Reborn Companion is Eco Friendly

All modular attachment parts are printed with a highly accurate 3D printer using 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable PLA+.

Benefits of 3D printed PLA+:
   Extracted and purified from corn grain
   Much Stronger than Regular PLA (up to 10 times stronger)
   Stable diameter with Improved Printing Properties (smooth prints)
   100% FDA approved
   Non Harmful, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
   Due to the nature of 3D printing, print layers will be visible.

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