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How to do Eyebrow Hair and Eyelid Veining

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Did you know that newborn babies’ eyelids can have as many as 3 colors in them? That’s right! There are 3 tints that comprise coloring for babies’ thin delicate eyelids. There are also micro veins that are bright red just under the surface.

Both the tints and the veins are highly transparent. Authentic Reborn has captured that look in our newest photo technique sheet. This 8.5 x11 size glossy photo shows extreme close ups of real babies’ eyelids with barely-there veins. You can also see two different style baby eyebrows so close up that you can count the eyebrow hairs. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to study real life baby eyelids and eyebrows up close.

Gain new insight in making your Reborn babies the most realistic. Others may guess but your Reborn babies can look the most life like using this photo technique sheet as your guide.  

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