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The SMN Custom Starter Kit - Awake Doll Kits

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Select from the options within the form below, to begin your reborn learning experience.
If you're just starting out, we highly recommend watching our Reborn DVD tutorials.

Please note! Some items within the form are ordered in per order, so there will be a slight delay in postage.

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Add a high quality Doll Kit

Weighting Pack

Weighting includes: Glass beads (Small & Large), soft filling, and weighting sacks

Brush Pack

Brushes and sponge packs


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Tool Pack

Add a Tool Pack

Body Options

Add a high quality doe suede body

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Add Hair to your baby?

Hair - Includes Mushroom rooting tool and 5x - 38G ultra needles

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Please allow 2 - 3 weeks delivery depending on the options you have selected.

Assembly Required

This product does not include a completed reborn doll. Starter kits require painting and assembly.

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