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My baby boy Liam =)

Tuesday 02 July, 2013

Hey Nikki!
I've been soooo busy with school and homework (s), projects and working weekends that I haven't found a time to actually write back to you, sorry =&. So I am taking the time now to let you know that Liam, my baby boy that was custum made, has arrived home safe bundled up and in one piece. He is just sooooo perfect in every way and beyond my expectations! I just loooovvvveee him!!! You did a great job on him ! You're a fantastic artist. When you hold him he's even more realistic then onto his photos. He actually looks like a newborn baby should look. =) I did wait quite a while for him but it was worth the waiting. And I love the little goodies you've added in his box packing they fit perfect on him. Bought him a couple of outfits and he just looks stunning! Continue what you are doing because you do a more than great job! :)
I sure will recommend you're website if someone is looking to buy for a reborn. =)
Wish you all the best in your future. =D
Testimonial By: Melissa Gagne — QC, Canada

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